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Celebrating at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards

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We have assembled a team with unrivalled expertise and diversity to meet the individual needs of our patients. Our team have been carefully hand selected by our founding dentists Dr Mark Hughes and Dr Adam Thorne who personally supervise our recruitment. You can rest assured that our dentists are among the best in the UK and many of our team have reached specialist level or have had further training in the United States.


World-class dentistry

From treatment of a single broken or stained tooth to a complete smile makeover, the cosmetic dentistry team at Harley Street Dental Studio is world-renowned for delivering outstanding aesthetic results every time. Every tooth is bespoke to each patient. All our cosmetic restorations are created using a combination of digital technology and the artistic skills of a world-leading master ceramist.


Technology leaders

As one of the most technologically advanced clinics in the UK, we have invested in digital scanning, the latest 3D planning software and printers. This ensures that our patients benefit from precision dentistry with every detail is planned to perfection. Whether we are straightening teeth, placing a dental implant or designing a beautiful smile makeover – digital dentistry is integral to the perfect outcome.


Our talented team

ALL General & cosmetic dentists Hygienists & Therapists Management team Nurses Our Treatment Coordinators Specialist & Referral Dentists
Meet the team - MH suit

Dr Mark Hughes

GDC NO. 68580

Meet the team - AdamFront v2

Dr Adam Thorne

GDC NO. 73107

Meet the team - PeterFront v2

Dr Peter McQuillan

GDC NO. 244527


Dr David Bloom

GDC NO. 64320

Meet the team - RejinKhafa

Dr Rejin Khafaf

GDC NO. 115552

Meet the team - dr anna bio

Dr Anna Andrysiewicz

GDC No. 101736

Meet the team - paulFront v2 1

Dr Paul Wilson

GDC NO. 65733

Meet the team - Dr Natasha Panesar v2

Dr Natasha Panesar

GDC NO. 113674

Meet the team - DipenPatel

Dr Dipen Patel

GDC NO. 193174

Meet the team - andrew hsds

Dr Andrew Bain

GDC NO. 73092

Meet the team - dr brian bio

Dr Brian Dunne

GDC NO. 272522

Meet the team - dr jana bio

Dr Jana Denzel

GDC NO. 285525

Meet the team - DavidHeadshot

Dr David Frey

GDC NO. 266698

Meet the team - Dr Adi Moran Endodontist

Dr Adi Moran

GDC NO. 160229


Dr Ayhan Uyanlar

GDC NO. 299390

Meet the team - nikos madras harley st

Dr Nikos Mardas

GDC NO. 85040

Meet the team - crystalv2

Dr Crystal Marruganti

GDC No. 306551

Meet the team - eslam 30 09

Dr Eslam Mansour

GDC No. 281010

Meet the team - KatharineArnold

Katherine Arnold

GDC NO. 200769

Meet the team - SairanFattah

Sairan Fattah

GDC NO. 5561

Meet the team - Ellie Bullock

Ellie Bullock

GDC NO. 284610


Soha Rashid

GDC NO. 292803

Meet the team - hygiene faq img NULL

Tatiana Manceva

GDC NO. 249922

Meet the team - Dalel Trabelsi

Dalel Trabelsi

GDC NO. 307607

Meet the team - Aleksandra Ewa Marszalek Gajewska

Aleksandra Ewa Marszalek-Gajewska

GDC NO. 138239

Meet the team - Sangita Pokhrel

Sangita Pokhrel


Holly Manett

Meet the team - KristinaPovilaityte

Kristina Povilaityte

GDC NO. 255033


Lavdije Blakqori

GDC NO. 272889


Sandra Tavares

Meet the team - Gitana Savva

Gitana Savva

GDC NO. 272959

Meet the team - hygiene faq img NULL

Nedhar Alshaikh

Meet the team - placeholder new

Nazish Mahmood

Meet the team - Nicoleta Popsecu

Nicoleta Popescu

Meet the team - Mariana Zubas

Mariana Zubas

Meet the team - Ilyas Adfaan

Ilyas Adfaan

Meet the team - Aleksandra Wargulec

Aleksandra Wargulec

Meet the team - Emma Gates

Emma Gates

Meet the team - Lydia Hitchings

Lydia Hitchings



We take great pride in the work our skilled hygienists perform at Harley Street Dental Studio. They are the front line in ensuring that you enjoy the lasting benefits of your dental restorations and good oral health. Regular appointments with our hygienists will aid in the prevention of gum disease (periodontitis), gingivitis, tooth decay, and embarrassing bad breath. Furthermore, they can work virtual miracles in brightening your smile and giving you a fresh, healthy look.


Inside Harley Street Dental Studio

Alongside leading London cosmetic dentists Dr Mark Hughes and Dr Adam Thorne, the staff of Harley Street Dental Studio in London have taken great care to ensure that your visit is as relaxing as can be.

We want you to feel at home in our warm and friendly office. The interior is distinctly non-clinical and is adorned with comforting amenities that would be welcomed in any household.

You will feel as if you have stepped into an upscale boutique or art gallery. Surrounded by the most modern, state-of-the-art technology as well as art influenced by classical and contemporary design, you will not recognize Harley Street Dental Studio as the facility it is. We want you to feel transported while you leave your care to us.

You can relax as you watch a film on our impressive plasma screen television or listen to soothing music on a Bang & Olufsen stereo. Our comfortable furnishings support British design, with appointments by David Linley, Casamilano, and Shane Taylor. The final touch of home can be seen in the fresh flowers, lovingly arranged by Jane Packer.

Contact Dr Mark Hughes, Dr Adam Thorne and their colleagues at Harley Street Dental Studio in London for expert care in cosmetic dentistry.

Visiting specialists

We believe you should be able to see a cosmetic dentist and to have all of your needs met in one office without having to scramble all about London making appointments with different specialists. At Harley Street Dental Studio, we are able to manage many specialist referrals in our own London facility. You’ll receive all of your care in one location, so you won’t have to travel to unfamiliar places, and you’ll avoid the delays that are often inherent in being referred to an out-of-house specialist.

With cosmetic dentists, Dr Mark Hughes and Dr Adam Thorne and the entire resources of Harley Street Dental Studio at your disposal, you can feel certain that all of your treatment needs will be handled efficiently and professionally.

We can provide for you specialist dentists accomplished in the following fields:

  • Periodontics (gum treatment)
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy)
  • Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (implants and wisdom teeth)
  • Prosthodontics (teeth and implant reconstruction)

All Harley Street Dental practitioners hold a current registration with the General Dental Council and adhere to the GDC standards for dental professionals.

If you require further information on the General Dental Council please click on the link here

The General Dental Council is located in Central London at 37 Wimpole street London W1G 8DQ.

“I am thrilled to bits, this is going to change my confidence big time!”
Tess – actual patient

Visiting specialists



Private Dentistry Awards 2018

Best Young Dentist – Peter McQuillan


Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2017



Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2015

Highly Commended


Private Dentistry Awards 2014

Highly Commended

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