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How does the Pure Power Mouthguard work?

The Pure Power Mouthguard works by re-aligning the muscles in the face and jaw, which helps to improve performance and optimise muscular positioning.

The mouthguard is designed and manufactured using a digital image of the individual’s jaw joint that is captured through the use of sophisticated computer technology, to produce precise measurements of the jaw and determine optimum jaw position.

The Pure Power Mouth Guard improves performance by automatically aligning the jaw joint into its optimum position. This increases flexibility, improves muscle contraction and releases muscle tension.

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How does it work?

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The Pure Power Mouthguard is an innovative device, which provides much more than just protection. Many people suffer from a condition known as TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), which means that the muscles surrounding the jaw are constantly strained and under pressure. The Pure Power Mouthguard is designed to alter the positioning of the jaw, meaning that the muscles are relaxed and able to function much more effectively.

The Pure Power Mouthguard alleviates tension around the jaw joint, and the muscles consequently have a greater capacity for contraction. It is also the case that many traditional mouthguards are uncomfortable and awkward to wear, which can affect sports performance. The Pure Power Mouthguard is bespoke, meaning that it will fit the contours of the mouth exactly to offer utmost comfort.



The Pure Power Mouthguard is manufactured based on the individual's optimum jaw position. This is determined by using measurements and images of the mouth and sophisticated computer technology. Each Pure Power Mouthguard is designed according to the individual to re-align the jaw joint and place it in its optimum position. Pure Power Mouthguard devices are made in the Pure Power Mouthguard laboratory in America.

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