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Benefits of Invisalign® Lite

Just like the original Invisalign® system, Invisalign® Lite uses clear plastic aligners to help move your teeth into the desired position. This means that they are virtually invisible and, even upon close inspection, hard to detect.
Invisalign® Lite treatment takes even less time than original Invisalign®. This is because Invisalign® Lite treats very minor issues with misaligned teeth, requiring only between ten and fifteen aligners for the entire procedure.
Just like Invisalign®, the aligners used for Invisalign® Lite are made from clear, smooth plastics. This allows for movement to be achieved with the highest level of comfort.

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Nancy Patient of Dr Mark Hughes

Nancy’s front teeth were twisted and crowded, and she felt they protruded too much. Nancy also wanted to address some discolouration and didn’t want to have any work that involved drilling. The discrete, removable Invisalign aligner quickly resolved Nancy’s misalignment and we followed up with our popular Enlighten whitening. A two-week course gave Nancy the whiter shade she’d always wanted. 


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Stages of treatment with Invisalign® Lite


Stage one

You will have a consultation when you first visit Harley Street Dental Studio to discuss whether Invisalign® Lite is suitable for your teeth.


Stage two

Impression moulds of your teeth will be taken, along with special photographs, which will then be transformed into a personalised three-dimensional image. This image is then used to plan and plot the potential movement of your teeth during treatment from start to finish.


Stage three

Using the three-dimensional images and our discussed treatment plan, your custom made aligners will be created. Invisalign® Lite usually only requires between ten and fourteen aligners for treatment to be successful.


Stage four

Once you have the aligners, and have begun treatment, the aligners will need to be worn for about twenty-two hours a day, except when eating, drinking and brushing.

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