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Over time, everyone will experience some level of tooth wear, but there are factors that can exacerbate the extent to which your teeth may wear. The most common of these factors include grinding (bruxism), erosion (especially from acidic food and drink) and abrasion (e.g. brushing your teeth too vigorously).

In some situations the level of wear can lead to teeth looking short and unattractive. They may even become sensitive and you may also experience jaw or muscle ache.

At Harley Street Dental Studio, our experts promote a preventative approach. We can offer you practical, easy-to-follow advice which will cover diet and lifestyle changes and will also take the time to discuss your oral health regime so that we can identify areas that require improvement.

If your teeth have become quite worn and you would like to look at cosmetic options that will restore your smile, there are a number of treatments that can help you achieve a beautiful smile once again including veneers, crowns, and aesthetic bonding. Simply reserve your comprehensive consultation today to find out how you can smile with confidence once again!

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David Patient of Dr Mark Hughes

Old dental work was making David’s smile suffer. He had old crowns and metal fillings, as well as badly worn and chipped teeth. David found Harley Street Dental Studio after ages of research and contacted us to find out about smile makeovers. Our team replaced David’s old crowns and finished off his treatment with veneers. We think the results speak for themselves!

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