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What are veneers?

Veneers are a thin shell applied to your teeth which can be used to cover concerns with the shape, size or colour of your teeth. They can be made of porcelain or composite material. We work with some of the best dental laboratories in the UK and US to produce unique porcelain veneers just for you. Our team of cosmetic dentists are highly skilled in the art of creating natural looking composite veneers right here at the studio.

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Why Harley Street Dental Studio?

There are many elements that make up the ‘perfect’ smile, some you might already be aware of, such as symmetry and the ideal shape and size of teeth. However, our cosmetic dentists have an extraordinary checklist of factors to consider when designing your new smile:

  • Smile symmetry
  • Shape of teeth
  • Size of teeth
  • Gum levels
  • Angle of teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Reflection of light
  • ‘Dark corridors’ at the side of the mouth
  • Lip posture – how much tooth you show when smiling and at rest
  • Translucency

When all of these elements are taken into consideration, our dentists can design a natural looking smile that you will be proud to show off at every opportunity.

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Halina Patient of Dr Mark Hughes

Halina had crowded, poorly-proportioned teeth. She felt her front protruding teeth gave her smile an unbalanced appearance and that overall colour could be improved. But Halina didn’t want to have orthodontics or whitening. Our team used high quality porcelain veneers to achieve Halina’s amazing restoration without lengthy treatment. She was overjoyed! 


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Made with pressed ceramics, MACVENEERS™ are the preferred choice in porcelain veneers among athletes, celebrities, and other public figures. MACVENEERS™ are virtually twice as strong as traditional porcelain veneers and are entirely stain resistant. Their durable manufacture provides protection for your teeth that lasts longer than other brands of porcelain veneers currently available in the UK.

MACVENEERS™ provide the same kind of colour-matching that other brands of porcelain veneers do. However, the colour in MACVENEERS™ is added from the inside out. Other porcelain veneers have their colour added in only the top two layers, but MACVENEERS™ are coloured through and through, lending them a greater realism.

For quality porcelain veneers in London and the rest of the UK contact Harley Street Dental Studio today.

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da Vinci Veneers™

da Vinci Veneers™

da Vinci porcelain Veneers™ come to the UK by way of da Vinci Studios in California. These porcelain veneers can provide our Central London patients with restored smiles like those seen on the US television show Extreme Makeover.

da Vinci Veneers™ from our UK Studio can rejuvenate your smile. Dr Hughes will fit you with these porcelain veneers to repair crooked or uneven teeth or to return your smile to a shade of dazzling white.

da Vinci Veneers™ employ a thin sheet of porcelain that adheres to your tooth. Once treated and allowed to harden, they are an amazing facsimile of your natural teeth. Dr Hughes can match the colour of your da Vinci Veneers™ to complement the hue of your natural teeth.

Dr Hughes will buff the front surfaces of your teeth – typically, only up to one-half millimetre – to compensate for the slight thickness of the porcelain veneers. Following the buffing, custom moulds will be taken of your teeth to be sent to a da Vinci lab, where your new da Vinci Veneers™ will be created. When your porcelain veneers are ready to placed, Dr Hughes will use a temporary adhesive to position them to your liking. Once you are satisfied, he will affix them firmly in place using a permanent adhesive.

In colour and form, da Vinci porcelain veneers™ from our Central London Studio will make your smile a true work of art.

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Cerinate® Lumineers™

Cerinate® Lumineers™

Cerinate® Lumineers™ are porcelain veneers custom made for your teeth. Within two visits to our Central London Studio, Cerinate® Lumineers™ can painlessly reshape, straighten, and whiten your smile. Cerinate® Lumineers™ are porcelain shells that are bonded directly onto the front of the teeth without any of the preliminary grinding or shaving that many varieties of porcelain veneers require. The brand new smile that Cerinate® Lumineers™ will give you can last 20 years or longer. We treat our patients at our exclusive private dental studio in London W1 Harley Street.

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