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Facial cosmetic treatments

Harley Street Dental Studio offers facial cosmetic treatments to our Central London and UK patients who want to reinvigorate their appearance. We promote several modern rejuvenation methods, including Restylane® treatments. Though these products are available elsewhere in London and the UK, at Harley Street Dental Studio you can treat your total appearance and save time by allowing us to erase those worrisome wrinkles and lines while we attend to your cosmetic dentistry needs.
Facial cosmetic treatments are growing in popularity in the UK. We all want to look younger and healthier. Never mind the actual years, even the constant stress and fatigue associated with everyday living can age your face prematurely. Facial cosmetic treatments allow the professionals at our Central London practice to refine your appearance with an injectable, purified botulinum. When these treatments are injected into the wrinkles, the toxin proceeds to relax the muscles of the injected area, smoothing the skin and seeming to miraculously halt – and even reverse – the aging process.
Facial cosmetic treatments performed at our Central London practice are very safe. Typically, anaesthetics are not required, because the injection is delivered with an ultra-thin needle and in small doses. These injections disrupt nerve signals to the muscles. The muscles then are allowed to relax, permitting the wrinkles to smooth out. Usually noticeable in two to three days, the effects can last up to six months, fading gradually from there. Repeated treatments provide for more prolonged results, extending the time between injections.

Facial cosmetic treatments

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Candidates for facial cosmetic treatments

Facial cosmetic treatments were originally used by ophthalmologists 10 years ago to relax muscles around the eyes. Since then, these wrinkle treatments have been used on tens of thousands of patients in the UK and abroad for an array of conditions.

Today, these treatments are seeing more use as a cosmetic enhancement. Some of the areas for which it is effective include:
Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet)
Frown lines
Wrinkled forehead
Sides of the nose
Lower eyelids
Upper lip


Teosyal® treatments

Using a thin, electronic gentle needle applicator, Teosyal® injects the material in the exact places on your face depending on your particular needs. Following this, our cosmetic practitioner gently massages the area in order to mould the filler into the perfect position. A treatment lasts roughly twenty minutes with results that can usually be seen immediately. Because the needle is so thin anaesthetic is not always required, however for optimal comfort we also provide anaesthetic on request.
The result will depend on the particular treatment aims and needs. An injection closer to the skin will revitalise the skin, efficiently hydrating it and giving you a healthy glow whilst a deeper injection can be used to create volume in the skin and fill wrinkles, for a smoother smile.

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Teosyal® by Teoxane Laboratories

Developed in Switzerland, Teosyal® by Teoxane Laboratories is an advanced dermal filler treatment that can reverse the aging process temporarily. Teosyal uses a filler based on hyaluronic acid, which is a natural ingredient found in the body and supports your skin and helps fight the thinning of your natural collagen fibre layer, helping to preserve the softness and life in your face, even as age causes the collagen layer to break down.
Using a patented process, Teosyal ® is a dermal and wrinkle filler with a range suitable for any facial rejuvenation need. Using a patented process, our advanced hyaluronic acid based filler gels are designed with mobile parts of your face in mind, allowing your skin to move without adding fine lines or wrinkles.

Cosmetic treatments
Facial Cosmetic Treatments

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