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Denture stabilisation

Dentures are a fantastic solution to missing teeth – but they are not without problems of their own. Wearers will recognise the inconvenience and unpleasantness that comes with using adhesive to keep dentures in place – and that’s just the start.

Even the most expensive dental glues have limited effectiveness and won’t stop dentures from slipping out occasionally – usually at the least opportune moment!

The problem isn’t with the dentures but with the changing shape and structure of our mouth. Our jawbone shrinks naturally as we age – so even the most accurately fitted dentures will prove difficult to keep in place reliably in the long-term.

The great news is, there is a solution.

Denture stabilisation

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Introducing - implanted dentures

Denture stabilisation utilises a series of titanium implants to keep dentures in place securely via a special attachment. Once fixed in place, your dentures won’t move anywhere until you want them to.

Why choose denture implants?

  • Keep dentures in place firmly and securely
  • Natural-looking replacement for natural teeth
  • Biocompatible titanium implants promote jawbone health
  • Improve facial structure and take years off your appearance
  • Enjoy all of your favourite foods again
  • Laugh and smile with confidence

Implants are without a doubt the most effective way of securing dentures, avoiding friction sores and putting an end to the embarrassment of loose dentures forever.

Denture stabilisation

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Denture Stabilisation

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