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Benefits of Damon braces


Damon braces allow for swift treatment time, along with less check-up visits to your dentist. This means the smile you’ve always wanted can be achieved even quicker than you’d hoped!


The friction-free self-ligating brackets allow for superior comfort over traditional metal braces.


The Damon brace system is easy to clean, meaning that maintaining and controlling a great level of oral hygiene couldn’t be easier.

Aesthetically pleasing

The smaller brackets used for Damon braces means that they are more discreet than conventional metal braces. This will allow you to wear them with more confidence.

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Stages of treatment with Damon braces


Stage one

Firstly, you will need to come in for a consultation at Harley Street Dental Studio. Here you will discuss the suitability of the treatment, as well as your intended goals, with one of our team. Special photographs will be taken and impression moulds will be made of your teeth.


Stage two

Once the braces have been designed to fit your teeth they can be bonded on during one visit. The wires and brackets can be attached quickly and easily.


Stage three

The team at Harley Street Dental Studio will then arrange with you the best times to come back for check-ups. This will usually be around every ten weeks, and will involve small adjustments being made to your braces. Total treatment time usually lasts around six months less than with conventional metal braces.

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