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Missing teeth can impact your confidence, hindering your ability to talk and laugh freely, or even to enjoy the foods you like. Don’t let it continue to affect your life.

Whether you are missing one tooth or many, we will be able to design a solution for you, our expert dentists work in partnership with award-winning labs to custom-make dentures that are comfortable, fit securely, and look natural.

  • Do you feel self-conscious about your dentures?
  • Are your teeth loose or are your crowns or bridges failing?
  • Do you feel it’s too late to save your remaining teeth?
  • Would you like a long-term, fixed solution?

If your answer is yes, reserve a comprehensive consultation with one of our Diamond dentists today and discover how implant-retained dentures, or dental implants can transform your confidence, and your smile.

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Georg mshultsJan 29, 2020


Made me feel extremely comfortable! Got all the information I needed and more on my journey to getting the perfect smile. Thankyou Dr Shad Read More

Lauren Romeo-SmithJan 28, 2020


Dr Sina Ghezel is fantastic, very understanding and any problems I had were dealt with quickly and efficiently by the team at Harley Street. I am delighted with the outcome and would recommend to everyone for amazing dental work. Read More

Elena PrikhodkoJan 26, 2020


I have always received excellent treatment and professional advice at Harley Dental Studio. During my most recent visit, Katharine has provided the most thorough hygienist treatment - thank you! Read More

What are cosmetic dentures?

At Harley Street Dental Studio, we bring out the best in teeth to create truly amazing smiles. And that’s true whether we are working with natural teeth or replacement dentures.

Dentures often put us in mind of ‘false teeth’ – appliances that work well as a replacement for teeth but often show telltale signs that they are not the real thing.

Cosmetic dentures from Harley Street Dental Studio are different.

We begin by working hand-in-hand with you to design dentures that you’ll love. And we combine state-of-the-art laboratory techniques with master craftsmanship and premium materials to ensure each set of dentures is indistinguishable from beautiful natural teeth.


Partial dentures

When one or a few teeth are missing or in need of replacement, it’s important to act quickly before neighbouring teeth tilt, rotate and move in to fill the gap left behind. And you’ll want to be sure that your replacement looks 100% natural.

We offer an extensive range of materials and colour options to match partial dentures to your existing teeth. They are an effective and reliable way to restore both function and aesthetics, and give you your confidence back.


Full dentures

Losing a complete set of teeth affects more than just confidence. Being unable to eat a full and balanced diet can also have a significant impact on health. For this, we offer full upper and lower dentures crafted with Harley Street Dental Studio’s trademark quality and attention to detail.

And because we use the latest in digital scanning technology, you can be sure of a comfortable and non-slip fit for years to come.


Implant-retained dentures

For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, ask our team about implant-retained dentures. They are secured in place using one or several secure titanium implants in the jaw, so you no longer have to worry about slippages, discomfort and the daily fight with adhesive.


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