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Snoring affecting your sleep?

If your answer is yes, ask us about anti-snoring appliances. Experts have agreed that oral devices are the most effective way to stop snoring and sleep apnoea. These easy-to-use devices must be custom-made in order to effectively resolve your problem. There are two common types of anti-snoring devices that may be suitable for you.

Mandibular repositioning devices keep your airway open while you sleep by repositioning your lower jaw and pushing the tongue forward. They are the most widely used oral appliance used to solve snoring and sleep apnea.

The second option is a tongue retaining device – a silicone appliance which keeps the airway open by holding the tongue in place while you sleep.

Both mandibular repositioning devices and tongue retaining devices are suitable to prevent snoring and aid restful sleep. if you are unsure which device might work best for you, talk to the team at Harley Street Dental Studio.

Anti snoring

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