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What are white spots?

White spots are very common and can be caused by a range of factors including fluorosis from high fluoride intake when the adult teeth are developing, and decalcification – the loss of minerals from the enamel. This is sometimes the result of fixed brace treatment if there has been a lapse in hygiene in the areas surrounding the brackets. In more rare cases, white spots can also be a result of molar incisal hypoplasia caused due to suffering trauma as a baby.

Many people mistake white spots or mottling for staining and think that uniform colour could be restored by whitening. However, the spots would remain lighter in colour than the rest of the tooth. To be rid of white spots forever takes Icon – a non-invasive treatment that targets the pores.

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How can they be treated?

In the past, the only way to treat teeth with white lesions was to cover these up with composite bonding or veneers. These types of treatments require the removal or destruction of healthy tooth material and are not favoured by modern dentists.

At Harley Street Dental Studio we offer Icon treatment which can restore the natural colour of your tooth with no need for drilling.

This minimally invasive technique uses a process of infiltration to blend the white spots in with the rest of the tooth. First, a special gel is applied to the teeth to open the pores, before a small amount of tooth-coloured resin is applied. We then use a light to harden the resin and restore natural colour.

And best of all, we achieve all of this without using a dental drill. The process is painless and incredibly quick!

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