Meet the team Dr Adi Moran

  • Speciality – Endodontics
  • Dr Med Dent Semmelweis University 2003 (GDC: 160229)

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About Dr Adi Moran


Having graduated with distinction from Semmelweis University, Budapest in 2003, Adi continued to do a 1 year full time internship programme in Periodontology. There Adi gained complex surgical experience with latest knowledge in maintaining the heath of the gums.  Following this, Adi worked in a private practice, focusing on restorative and emergency dentistry. During practice, Adi realised his passion for Endodontics and was accepted to the prestigious 3 year full time specialty programme in Endodontics at the Hebrew University – Hadassah. Successful certification requires accomplishment of 400 complex cases in the Endodontics hospital department, weekly theoretical seminars, case presentations and instructing undergraduate dental students in student clinics. After this, a specialist certification is granted only by successful accomplishment of both written and oral exams by an external board of examiners. Adi was amongst the very few to have ever been asked to regularly lecture in endodontics to undergraduate dental students as a part of the department staff while doing his specialty programme, before certified as a specialist.

Adi’s practice as a Specialist is limited to Endodontics (root canal related treatments). He sees Endodontic referrals within the full spectrum of complexity from fellow dentists and from patients who self refer. The feedback (both written and verbal) he regularly receives from patients he treated and their referring dentists is exceptional.

Adi Lectures and teaches hands-on courses to dentists and serves as a key opinion leader in Endodontics to Kavo-Kerr.

In his spare time he spends his time with his family and two adorable small children. He practices Transcendental Mediation, Ashtanga Yoga and loves reading books.

Professional Philosophy

  • Caring truly for his patient’s well being.
  • Achieving accurate diagnoses and performing high quality treatments.
  • Pain free treatment and proving the feasibly of this to each and every patient.
  • Using only golden standard acceptable materials and the latest technologies available.
  • Constant need for updating self-knowledge from evidence based professional literature. 

Fields of specific interest:

  • Odontogenic (tooth related) vs. Non-Odontogenic (non tooth related) orofacial pain diagnosis.
  • Management of dental traumatic injuries.
  • Microbiology and immunology of endodontic related infections.
  • Disinfection techniques.

Board Certified Specialist in Endodontics Modern Endodontics

(root canal related procedures) offers highly extensiveknowledge than ever before. This will not only include use of innovativeinstrumentation and materials but also the deep understanding of implementingthese in a correct sequence to successfully achieve the treatment goal.Additionally, some diagnoses may require multifactorial thinking from othermulti dental and medical disciplines. Dr Adi Moran brings all these to his patientsbenefit with extensive highacademic standard training and experience.

Adi is a key opinion leader in Endodontics to Kavo-Kerr.

He was an ‘associate clinical teacher’ at the department of Endodontics, theUniversity of Warwick for 5 years. There heboth taught and instructed MSccourses andwasinvolved in research.

Adi routinely lecturesand teaches hands-oncoursesto general dentalpractitioners. Having been trained in a large regional dental trauma centre,treating and seeing hundreds of dental trauma cases, he specificallyenjoyslecturing on this topic. Additionally he lectures on complex diagnosis and painmanagement, on microbiology and immunology of the dental pulp.He is a guest lecturer at the department of Endodontics, Hadassah where he hasbeen a clinical instructorto undergraduate dental students for a number ofyears.

Adi travels internationally to conferences and is a member of a number ofinternational and UK dental societies.



Private Dentistry Awards 2018

Best Young Dentist – Peter McQuillan


Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2017



Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2015

Highly Commended


Private Dentistry Awards 2014

Highly Commended

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