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  • DMD, PhD
  • GDC: 299390

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About Dr Ayhan Uyanlar


Dr Ayhan Uyanlar, DMD, PhD, is an international expert in orthodontics, temporomandibular disorder (TMD) / craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD), orthognathic (jaw) /face surgery, and obstructive sleep apnea. With unwavering dedication, Dr Uyanlar combines precision, aesthetics, and functionality to deliver exceptional results, enhancing the health and satisfaction of his patients.

Academic Excellence and Background

Dr Uyanlar’s dental journey began with outstanding academic achievements, earning his DMD degree from the prestigious University of Hacettepe in Ankara and graduating among the top 1% with the Highest Distinction. Continuing his pursuit of excellence, he pursued a residency in orthodontics at the esteemed University of Yeditepe in Istanbul, culminating in a PhD in Orthodontics.

Advanced Education and Training

Driven by his commitment to patient care, Dr Uyanlar pursued advanced education and training. He spent transformative years at the renowned Roth-Williams Center in San Sebastian, Spain, learning advanced techniques from Dr Domingo Martin. He also collaborated with distinguished doctors, Dr Robert Good and Dr Ronald Good, during an internship in Pittsburgh. Additionally, Dr Uyanlar sought training at the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry in California, solidifying his dedication to comprehensive dental care. He developed a valuable partnership with maxillofacial surgeon Dr Simonas Grybauskas, specializing in TMD and orthognathic/face surgery.

Collaborations & Teaching

Throughout his career, Dr Uyanlar has collaborated with respected dentists and renowned specialists in managing complex dentofacial disorders. Alongside his clinical expertise, he has taught at Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry, inspiring the next generation of dental professionals. With his artistic vision and extensive experience, he excels in creating dentofacial aesthetics, achieving outstanding functional outcomes and unique smiles for each patient.

Holistic Approach to Dentistry

Dr Uyanlar’s philosophy embraces a holistic approach, viewing dentistry as an art form. He emphasizes the dynamic relationship between a smile and its natural surroundings, rejecting static smiles. By considering human scale, attention to detail, and the patient’s overall well-being, he crafts smiles that are visually appealing and harmonious with their facial aesthetics.

Remaining at the forefront of his field, Dr Uyanlar is an active member of prestigious dental organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists, the European Orthodontic Society, the Turkish Orthodontic Society, FACE-Roth Williams Society, OBI, Roth Study Club, and BSCOSO. He is also involved in community organizations and events, dedicated to making a positive impact beyond his professional realm.

Beyond dentistry, Dr Uyanlar enjoys personal passions, including philosophy, tennis, sailing, and travel. These activities contribute to his well-rounded approach to patient care and his commitment to holistic dentistry.

With his profound understanding of dentofacial aesthetics, combined with his patient-centred focus, Dr Ayhan Uyanlar is a trusted and highly sought-after practitioner.



Private Dentistry Awards 2018

Best Young Dentist – Peter McQuillan


Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2017



Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2015

Highly Commended


Private Dentistry Awards 2014

Highly Commended

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