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Why We Use Dental Bridges For Missing Teeth In The City Of London


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We offer a range of treatments for missing teeth and dental bridges remain one of our most popular options. Bridges are charged with the role of bridging the gap between two teeth when a tooth has been lost and they are effective, affordable and reliable.

About dental bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth; they are more affordable than dental implants and the treatment process is quicker and simpler. There are different types of bridge available, but the most common type of bridge we use is the traditional fixed bridge. This type of bridge is made from a false tooth, which is also sometimes called a pontic, which is fused to two dental crowns, one either side.

Bridges can be made from various materials and we recommend ceramic bridges for a natural aesthetic; porcelain is often a good choice because it matches the colour of your teeth so you can’t tell the difference between the bridge and the natural teeth.

The procedure to fit a bridge is fairly simple and most patients don’t need any anaesthetic. Bridges are custom-designed and they are made based on an impression of your teeth. Once the bridge is ready, it is then put in place and bonded. Once the bridge is in place, it should last around 10-15 years.

How do bridges compare to alternative treatments?

Dental bridges are easier to maintain than dentures and they tend to look more natural and they are less expensive than dental implants. Although they don’t last as long as implants, they should last up to 15 years. The procedure to fit a bridge is much simpler than dental implants and the treatment time is usually about 2 weeks in total, rather than several months, which is commonplace for implant treatment.


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