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The New Modern Fixed Braces In The City Of London


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We are always on the lookout for new treatments and one of the most exciting new additions to our ever-expanding list is CFast. CFast is a very speedy and effective fixed brace treatment, which straightens the teeth with maximum discretion.

About CFast

CFast is a clear, fixed brace system, which offers patients the chance to enjoy the benefits of fixed brace treatment, as well as the added bonus of discreet aesthetics. CFast braces are made from ultra-fine wires and small brackets and they are much less noticeable than conventional fixed braces.

CFast braces are specially designed for patients who have issues with ‘the social 6’; this is the term that is used to describe the top and bottom six teeth at the front of the mouth. By concentrating on the social 6, CFast ensures the best aesthetics when you smile.

How long does CFast treatment take?

CFast is a very quick treatment and the average treatment time is just 6 months. The exact time you wear braces will depend on your individual prescription; if you have minor problems and don’t require much movement, treatment time may be even shorter.

Who can benefit from CFast treatment?

Most orthodontic patients can benefit from CFast treatment; however, the best candidate for this treatment would be a patient with minor or moderate issues that affect the front teeth. Fixed braces are reliable and the treatment process is very simple and this system also offers speed, comfort and discretion.

If you have orthodontic issues and you’ve been searching for a quick, comfortable solution, which won’t have a major impact on your looks, CFast could be the perfect solution. Call us today to find out more!



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