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We Offer Clear Aligner Braces For Patients In The City Of London


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Do you have crooked or crowded teeth? Do you wish you had a lovely straight smile but cannot bear the thought of wearing fixed metal braces? Allow us to introduce Simpli5, a treatment, which can give you the smile you want without the hassle r worry of wearing highly visible braces.

About Simpli5

Simpli5 is an aligner system, which is designed for patients who want to make minor adjustments to the alignment or position of their teeth. Simpli5 uses a series of five aligners to gradually move the teeth into the correct position.

How does Simpli5 work?

Simpli5 works by using a series of bespoke aligners to move the teeth; the treatment is pre-planned and each aligner is slightly different. The aligners are worn in a set order and each one is in place for between 2 and 4 weeks.

Although Simpli5 aligners are removable, they should be worn for a minimum of 21-22 hours per day to ensure the best possible outcome.

How long does treatment take?

Simpli5 is a treatment, which is aimed at people with minor orthodontic problems and as such, treatment time is very short compared to most other orthodontic treatments. The average treatment time is between 10 and 20 weeks.

What are the advantages of Simpli5 treatment?

Simpli5 offers a multitude of advantages for patients who have minor issues that need addressing. Treatment is very quick and the aligners are comfortable, light and removable, which makes them an appealing option for patients who dislike the prospect of wearing a fixed brace.

Simpli5 treatment provides a discreet alternative to traditional braces and many people feel more comfortable and confident with invisible aligners, as they do not impact on the way you look and you don’t have to be worried about what other people might say about your braces. Invisible aligners are also a good option for people who want to maintain a professional appearance and those who rely on their looks for their employment.

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We Offer Clear Aligner Braces For Patients In The City Of London

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