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Replace Missing Teeth With Our Dental Implant Technology In The City Of London


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Do you have a missing tooth or a number of missing teeth? Do you long for a beautiful, functional smile? If so, we may have the perfect solution: dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts, which are designed to replace the root of a missing tooth. The implant is placed inside a hole in the jaw bone to replace the missing root and then left to integrate. The integration process, known as osseointegration, takes between 3 and 9 months and once this is complete, the new root can be attached to a denture, a dental bridge or a crown to replace any number of missing teeth.

Implant treatment

Implant treatment is recommended for many patients with missing teeth because implants last a lifetime and provide very high standards of functionality.

Treatment is carried out in three key stages; during the first stage, we will examine your mouth and carry out the relevant tests to check that you are a suitable candidate for implant treatment. If you are, we will plan your treatment and work with you to create your personalized treatment plan.

During the second stage, the implant will be fitted. Before the implant is placed inside the bone, a drill is used to create a socket in the jaw. The implant is then fixed into this socket and the gum flap is closed and left to heal.

In the final stage, when the implant has fully integrated into the jaw bone, the new restoration is attached and treatment is complete.

If you are searching for a long-term treatment for missing teeth and you want a treatment that delivers natural aesthetics, comfort, convenience and all the benefits of natural teeth, call us today in central London to find out more about dental implants.




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