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Nothing will make your smile sing more than a whitening treatment, so why treat yourself to a whitening treatment in time for the festive party season?

We know what a difference a bright, radiant smile can make to confidence and self-esteem and our whitening treatments are guaranteed to produce amazing new smiles!

About our treatments

We are delighted to offer the world’s leading whitening treatment, Enlighten, and we also offer premium whitening products.

Enlighten is a truly incredible system, which combines aspects of home whitening and professional in-chair treatment. Treatment takes 2 weeks and involves whitening at home followed by a power whitening session, which takes just one hour.

For the first 14 days of treatment, patients wear a custom-made whitening tray, which contains bleaching agent. The tray is manufactured based on an impression of your teeth to ensure that it fits your mouth perfectly.

On the 15th day, patients are advised to visit us at the practice for their one-hour whitening treatment. We apply whitening agent to the teeth and then use a powerful light to activate the agent, which lightens the shade of your teeth, creating a beautiful, white smile. The results of Enlighten whitening should last for several years.

Are there risks associated with whitening treatment?

If you read the newspapers on a regular basis, you may have seen stories about tooth whitening, as there has been a change in legislation to protect members of the public. Whitening is a dental procedure and it is considered to be very safe when provided by trained dental professionals. There is a risk of increased sensitivity following whitening, but the Enlighten system is designed to prevent tooth sensitivity. The procedure is painless and we invite you to sit back and relax. Contact the team at Harley Street Dental Studio in London for more information on whitening treatments we offer.





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