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Demand for tooth whitening in the UK has increased as a massive dental divide is revealed between the Brits and the Americans.

There may be a handful of Brits out to conquer the States – Leona Lewis, Ricky Gervais and a handful of British actresses and actors who’ve taken the country by storm. But one thing many of them have succumbed to in order to fit in is tooth whitening procedures. In America, it’s expected you have tooth whitening in order to achieve the perfect smile. Looks count for everything, and if you haven’t opted for tooth whitening, it’s seen as a purposeful mistake. A report in the BBC suggests that Ricky Gervais, who has said his teeth are not white, should have tooth whitening if he doesn’t want Americans to think he’s wearing ‘bad false teeth for comedic purposes’.

Tooth Whitening – Brits in America

Most of us would be pleased with Gervais’s choppers, but in America tooth whitening is an integral part of their oral hygiene, with pearly white straight teeth seen as the norm. Ricky Gervais was actually asked by one American journalist used to seeing whitened teeth on stars, if his teeth were real. He couldn’t believe the comedian wouldn’t have had a tooth whitening procedure and said it was brave of the actor to use unflattering false teeth in a film role – but his teeth were real.

It reveals how obsessed Americans are with tooth whitening in order to achieve perfect teeth and white smiles.

Tooth Whitening for Self Esteem

But Gervais has so far resisted tooth whitening and the perfect American smile, although fellow countrymen and women such as Kate Beckinsale opted for tooth whitening to fit into Hollywood. Teeth are naturally off colour, and the white smile loved in America is only achievable in most cases through professional tooth whitening procedures. But the success of American beauty and the allure of Hollywood means more Brits are eager to get tooth whitening procedures too and achieve the perfect Hollywood smile. Jodie Marsh, Katie Price and Simon Cowell are just a few of the high profile UK celebrities who have had tooth whitening procedures.

Tooth whitening however can boost the confidence of everyone from youngsters worried about discoloured or mottled teeth from fluoride, to middle-aged quitters who want to reform their nicotine-stained gnashes, to those who just want to do something cosmetic for their self esteem.

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