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Dental Veneers – The High Cost of Fluoride


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Dental veneers are not just for people looking for a Hollywood smile, they could also be necessary for those people whose teeth have been affected by fluoride in our water supply.

Dental veneers can restore damaged, crooked or broken teeth. And for many Hollywood stars, dental veneers are a necessary part of their beauty regime. Getting dental veneers is as natural to LA gym bunnies as wearing make-up and designer clothes. But dental veneers are not just for those obsessed with their body image.

Dental Veneers: From LA to the UK

The UK already has a bad reputation across the pond for sporting bad teeth. The stereotype for Americans of a typical Brit is crooked, stained unappealing teeth. And although we Brits are getting much better at maintaining and caring for our teeth, with more opting for teeth whitening and dental veneers than ever before, there are still major problems. And fluoride is one of them.

Fluoride in our Water Boosts Demand for Dental Veneers

A report in a local Southampton paper revealed that two-thirds of the city’s water supply could be impacting on children’s teeth, condemning them to a lifetime of expensive dental treatment, such as dental veneers. Campaigners against fluoride in water supplies say one in eight children will end up with mottled or discoloured teeth, desperate for cosmetic solutions such as dental veneers. The reason for adding fluoride is however an attempt to improve dental health amongst the sections of society who are vulnerable to poor dental hygiene because of ignorance or poverty. But campaigners say simply teaching children to brush their teeth properly could reduce the need for cosmetic solutions such as dental veneers or expensive dental treatments.

‘Flourosis’ and Dental Veneers

For those who already have fluoride in their system because they care for their teeth with fluoride toothpaste, the additional boost in the water supply can have negative side effects. As well as impact on diseases such as bone cancer, brain damage, fertility and thyroid problems, fluoride can cause discolouring or mottling as a result of ‘fluorosis’. It’s been estimated by researchers that three children per class will need cosmetic treatments such as dental veneers because of excess fluoride. That’s one in eight people expected to have to undergo dental veneers or other avoidable cosmetic dentistry.

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