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Demand for tooth whitening procedures has gone through the roof since the smoking bank came in force.

Tooth whitening has always been one of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry procedures. It’s no wonder us Brits as a country of tea-lovers, wine-guzzlers and at one time – smokers – are seeking out tooth whitening procedures. But of all our vices, smoking is the worst when it comes to causing discolouration and triggering gum disease. But the smoking ban in England has statistically revealed a massive increase in the number of smokers quitting their bad habits. And instead of spending their money on cigarettes, they’re re-investing it into tooth whitening procedures.

Tooth Whitening for Smokers

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that in some dental practices since the smoking ban, the demand for tooth whitening increased by 40%. For some, tooth whitening is a way of drawing a line under those unhealthy years that caused so much damage to their heart, lungs and teeth, and do something positive for themselves. Tooth whitening is the ultimate reward for quitting – helping quitters take pride in their appearance and safeguard their teeth, ensuring they’ll quit for good.

Tooth Whitening- Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry

Across the UK, there has been a general 12% rise in demand for tooth whitening since the smoking ban was enforced. Cosmetic dentists say it’s expected that people who have quit and improved their health want a better smile too. Smoking causes terrible visible damage to teeth – leaving yellow, even brown discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening is one way of re-claiming your smile from years of addiction. And the money many people save from quitting, means they can afford to treat themselves to a tooth whitening procedure. Surveys in the past have revealed up to a fifth of us hide our smiles for photos. Being unhappy with our smiles is miserable. But tooth whitening can dramatically improve the appearance of your teeth and transform your confidence in your smile. It’s important to opt for professional tooth whitening procedures from recognised cosmetic dentists. Tooth whitening kits have been discovered with illegally high levels of hydrogen peroxide, which can cause chemical burns and gum disease. As well as ensuring your teeth look white, ensure your oral health is good with a dental check-up, so you can smile a white and a healthy smile.

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