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Our teeth certainly do feel the brunt of our hectic lives at times. If they’re not being looked after via brushing them twice a day, or teeth and gums are under constant attack from smoking those cigarettes, or sugary snacks are consumed far too regularly, then it it is no surprise if your teeth suffer as a result. And then, you may be in need of fillings which, quite literally, fill the gap in the tooth itself.

Drastic actions

There are many people who are scared of a visit to the dentist, and for some this can lead to them attempting to perform dental treatment on themselves. According to a survey carried out in 2009 by the consumer magazine Which? of the 2,631 adults 8% of them admitted to having carried out this DIY dentistry. That’s an amazing 210 people, with the same number knowing others who had done this to themselves. Of these people which had been involved with carrying out self-imposed dentistry, one in four said they had used pliers to remove teeth. Even though this survey sounds a bit depressing, having showed the extent as to how far people will go to resolve their dental problems, there is a way in which we can help you.

A great idea

So, what can Harley Street Dental Studio do for you and your fillings? Unlike what has been used in previous treatments, we do not use silver fillings as they could in time leak onto the tooth itself giving it that black, stained look. Instead, we use Amalgam-free fillings. Amalgam partly consists of mercury, which carries health concerns and as such we choose not to risk this treatment on our patients. Not only do the fillings we use no longer contain these harmful elements, but the new white fillings we use also blend in with your natural tooth colour. So, unlike the silver coloured traditional ones, it looks as though you have no fillings at all.

Reasons to be cheerful

But what if you have the traditional fillings? We offer a comprehensive service in replacing them with Amalgam-free fillings which will not only remove the possibility of mercury leaking onto your teeth but our staff are trained in the removal and disposal of your old fillings and, throughout all treatment procedures, follow a stringent protocol so that the safety of both our staff and patients is protected.

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