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Nowadays many top dental surgeries offer you even more than the perfect smile. Once you’ve had your teeth straightened and brightened for the perfect celebrity look, you can go even further by having minor cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in the dentists’ chair. Procedures like this are becoming more and more commonplace as celebrities talk more openly about the treatments they themselves have undergone to keep looking as young as possible. No-one is really ashamed to admit in magazines that they have had a boob job or Botox, so why shouldn’t the average person on the street get to enjoy the same luxuries?

Is it safe?

If a dental surgery does offer cosmetic procedures, like Harley Street Dental, they are most likely to involve the areas around the mouth, lips and face. After all, it would be a bit of a leap for dental surgeons to suddenly start offering liposuction. You shouldn’t worry about safety as every dental surgeon has had to undergo years of medical training to get to this point in their career and most of these minor treatments don’t even require anaesthetic or appointments longer than a couple of hours.

Pressure to look young

Modern life can be very stressful and there is lots of pressure put on the ordinary woman, and men, on the street to look as young as they can. Not everyone can afford or would want to have a facelift, but you can choose other treatments that aren’t as permanent but have great short-term effects. At Harley Street Dental you can have facial cosmetic treatments that are administered in just a few minutes using only a small needle and a tiny amount of purified botulinum. This substance interrupts nerve signals to the muscles in your face, helping them to relax and smoothing out the wrinkles that have started to appear. One treatment can last for as long as six months. The whole treatment is over in less than an hour and you will notice the effects in a couple of days.  The botulinum can be applied to various areas of the face and neck including your forehead and lower eyes and can smooth out crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes and any frown lines you have developed over the years.

Facial aesthetic options available

Restylane is an alternative substance to botulinum and works by stopping your skin’s natural collagen layer from thinning. This thinning, which happens with age, is what causes your skin to sag. Injections of Restylance can firm up your skin and make the ageing process appear to reverse! Injections are made into the problem area without anaesthetic  and your appointment will only last 30 minutes, meaning you can pop out on your lunch break and return to the office looking years younger. You will notice the effects of Restylane immediately and it can last up to a year if you have the recommended follow-up injection a couple of weeks later. Restylane injections are also popular with younger women who are trying to get fuller lips; gossip magazines claim celebrities like Jennifer Garner and even Britney Spears might have used Restylane to improve their looks.

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