Straightening those crooked teeth


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It seems that some people are just plain lucky. Some are good at sports which are in turn regarded as celebrities, others might be exceptionally good at fighting for their fellow human beings by righting the wrongs of society in the Houses of Parliament or maybe they might be learned folks who understand complex theories which can easily confuse many. Then there are some which are born with naturally straight teeth which have no signs of irregularity present. So, what to do?

Straight as they come

There are some members of society who often have to use some form of manmade device in order to resolve this problem. These are called braces, and it is the common belief that it is only children and young adults who are able to have this treatment. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

What about the rest of us?

Although it is children who are often the ones which are accredited with receiving this type of treatment, you might ask yourself what about those who aren’t in this age group? What if you had been given braces as a child and the treatment you received didn’t quite fully resolve straightening your teeth to the standard you want? Or, what about if the straight teeth you had as a child have naturally shifted so that the smile you have now no longer resembles the one you used to sport ever so proudly in school photos?

The way forward for you

Here at the Harley Street Dental Studio, there are a number of treatments which we offer. Provided for you at our London studios, Invisalign braces are not the traditional braces you remember from your childhood as they are not “train tracks”. These are braces which are invisible thanks to the use of clear aligners. Even if you’re not feeling too confident of wearing the traditional braces because they might look a bit embarrassing, Invisalign braces have proven very popular in the past with our previous customers as they have spoken of the confidence they gained when wearing them.

Further great news

Unlike traditional braces, the treatment time in which it takes for the Invisalign braces to straighten your teeth is half of what you would get from the more conventional style of treatment. On top of this, we have Invisalign certified dentists who are experts in their field which can answer any questions.

On top of this

But what if Invisalign braces are not for you and you want something different? That’s not a problem. Although not invisible, our “6 month smile” uses titanium wires which are coloured like natural teeth to move those unstraight teeth in the way you want. But, if you want your treatment to be different from the ones already described there are six other forms of treatment which we offer that strive to meet your dental expectations.

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Straightening those crooked teeth

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