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If you thought wearing braces involved sporting highly visible metal appliances on your teeth for months on end, think again! With our invisible treatments, you can enjoy all the benefits of orthodontic treatment in secret.

We offer a range of discreet treatment methods, including Invisalign and lingual braces.

About Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the world’s leading modern orthodontic systems and uses a series of custom-designed clear aligners to guide the teeth into position, giving you the opportunity to get an amazing smile without making any change to your appearance. The aligners are worn for two weeks at a time and treatment ends when the entire series is complete. Invisalign is suitable for teenagers and older patients and is a great choice for those looking to stay on the down-low when they have braces.

About lingual braces

If you’ve been dreaming of a completely invisible solution for crowding, spaces between the teeth or unsightly protruding front teeth, let us make your dreams come true with lingual braces. Lingual braces are completely invisible because they sit behind your teeth. They are secured onto the back of the teeth, so you can smile, speak and pose for the camera without anyone even noticing that you’re wearing braces.

We offer two lingual brace systems: Incognito and STb Social 6. Incognito uses bespoke brackets and wires to move the teeth gently and create beautiful aesthetics. This treatment is suitable for patients with a diverse range of issues, including complex problems that need a lot of movement. STb Social 6 treatment is specifically targeted at issues that affect the front teeth, also known as the social 6. Treatment is incredibly quick, with an average completion time of just 16 weeks.

If you’re searching for a secret orthodontic treatment, look no further! Call us now to arrange an appointment.


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