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Why You Should Visit Your Dentist Regularly


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Did you know that cavities are one of the most common preventable dental problems? They affect a growing number of both children and adults. Seeing your dentist or hygienist regularly can prevent these pesky holes from appearing. If cavities are left to get worse, you might end up needing a root canal treatment or even losing a tooth.

A news report in 2010 suggested that the number of children suffering from preventable illnesses had reached epidemic proportion. As if that wasn’t worrying enough, these preventable illnesses cost the NHS millions of pounds every year.

It’s easy to take the ”if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” approach to health, but this passive attitude can lead to bigger problems later down the line. Lots of dental problems go unnoticed until they get too big to ignore. Checking in with your dentist every six months can ward off potential dental problems before they get too big to bear.

What happens during a check-up

A typical dental check-up takes less than 15 minutes, during which time your dentist examines your teeth, gums and mouth, during. They’ll ask about your general oral health and whether you’ve experienced any problems since your last visit.

During your check-up, your dentist might give you advice on your eating habits and damaging activities, such as excessive drinking and smoking, which can affect your oral health. They may also go over the proper methods for teeth cleaning and oral hygiene.

If necessary, your dentist may schedule you in for follow up treatments including fillings, teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing and any other treatment you may need.


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