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Everything You Need to Know About Mouth Guards


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Traditional mouth guards are plastic aligners that fit around the teeth and gums to protect them from impact or to correct jaw alignment. Initially used by athletes involved in contact sports, mouth guards have also found a new use in the treatment of patients with misaligned jaws.

Proper protection

The possible damage to teeth and gums caused by injury has always been a concern for those playing contact sports, but mouth guards have provided the necessary protection needed for many years, allowing players to fully engage in their sport without risking trauma.

However, through the advancement of technology it was also discovered that mouth guards could be used as a dental device for patients from London and around the world.

Orthodontic mouth guards

Issues can be corrected, however, with the wearing a mouth guard for orthodontic purposes. This works to bring the lower jaw into alignment, improving the wearer’s overall athletic performance.

Strength and stability

A mouth guard can be fitted for use in sports. No matter where it is placed, the results are the same: optimal athletic prowess, increased balance and strength, the risk of athletic injuries minimised and the recovery time increased for injuries that do occur.

Used to provide athletes with a competitive edge, the mouth guard can also be used for people who are not athletes but who could benefit from added stability in their normal life.


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