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Most of us need a restoration of some sort and thankfully there are some amazing treatments available. At Harley Street Dental Studio we use the finest materials to create amazing looking, functional restorations for patients in London and beyond.

What are restorations?

Restorations are used to restore and strengthen the teeth; there are different types of restoration, including fillings, crowns and dental bridges. Restorative material can also be used to bond the teeth and repair chipped and worn teeth.

Restorations are made from various materials, including metals and ceramics; ceramic restorations are becoming more and more popular because they provide amazing aesthetics. Metal fillings and crowns used to be very popular, but nowadays, ceramics have taken over because they are more affordable than they used to be and they blend in with the colour of the natural teeth so that you cannot see the filling or crown.

Fillings and composite bonding

White fillings are a very popular treatment; you may be advised to have a filling if you have a cavity in your tooth. A cavity is a hole that is caused by decay; if the cavity in not filled, it may expand and the tooth becomes susceptible to damage and further decay. The filling procedure is simple and painless; before the filling is fitted, the cavity is cleared of decayed tissue and then cleaned thoroughly. Composite material is then poured into the cavity and hardened using a special curing light; the filling is then trimmed to fit the cavity. Composite material is not just used for fillings, it can also be moulded and shaped to repair chipped teeth, close gaps between the teeth and build up worn tooth surfaces.


Dental crowns are used to restore teeth that have been damaged by injury or decay; crowns are also known as caps because they fit over the top of the tooth. Before a crown is fitted, the decayed tissue is removed and a mould of the tooth is created. The crown is then placed over the top of the tooth.

Dental bridges

At Harley street Dental Studio in London dental bridges are one of our treatments for missing teeth; they are designed to fill gaps to improve the look of the smile and the function of the mouth. The most common type of dental bridge is the traditional fixed bridge, which is made from a false tooth, which is fused to a crown either side and anchored by the neighbouring teeth.






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