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The Benefits Of White Fillings For Patients In Central London


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White fillings have become very popular and it’s no surprise; composite fillings provide excellent aesthetics and they are durable and safe for the environment.

About white fillings

White fillings are made from composite material, which is strong and durable, yet aesthetically pleasing. The material is designed to match the colour of the tooth, so that the filling cannot be distinguished from the rest of the tooth. In the past, white fillings were only suitable for the front teeth, as the back teeth have to withstand greater pressure as they are used to grind and chew food; however, modern materials are much stronger and they can withstand greater pressure, making them suitable for most patients.

What does the procedure involve?

The procedure to fill a tooth using a white filling is fairly straight-forward. Before the cavity is filled, the decayed tooth tissue is removed and the cavity is cleaned to prevent further infection. Once all the decayed tissue has been removed, the composite material is placed inside the cavity and then a curing light is used to set the material hard. The filling is then trimmed and shaped to ensure that the cavity is filled perfectly.

Benefits of white fillings

White fillings have a host of benefits; they are aesthetically pleasing and natural looking, which improves and enhances the look of the smile, especially when the fillings are used to replace metal amalgam fillings and they are also hard-wearing. Fillings help to strengthen teeth that have cavities and prevent infection from spreading through the tooth and white filings are also safe for the patient and the environment; there are some concerns about the safety and environmental impact of metal amalgam fillings.

White fillings can also be used to enhance the aesthetic of the smile, as composite material can be used to build up worn surfaces and repair chipped teeth.

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