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Most people rate their wedding day as the most special and exciting day of their lives. If you’re planning a wedding and the big day is looming, you’re probably tearing around trying to sort things out, checking up on bookings and writing endless lists, but have you made sure that your smile is camera-ready?

There is probably no other day in your life when your smile comes under more scrutiny that your wedding day and it’s important that you feel happy and confident when you smile on your big day. If you’re bursting with happiness, you want to show this, rather than hiding behind a closed-mouth smile because you’re conscious of the way your teeth look.

At Harley Street Dental Studio in the heart of London, we have many years of experience in treating prospective brides and grooms to ensure that they have gorgeous, natural and healthy looking smiles come their wedding day.

Popular treatments for brides and grooms

We offer a full range of cosmetic dental treatments to enhance the look of the smile. Our most popular treatments for brides and grooms include tooth whitening, white fillings, cosmetic bonding and veneers.

Tooth whitening is a really effective treatment to give your smile an instant boost and a healthy glow. In-chair treatment takes less than an hour and the results are amazing. White fillings can make a huge difference to the look of the smile when replacing metal amalgam fillings and the procedure is very quick.

Cosmetic bonding is one of the simplest and most affordable cosmetic treatments on offer, but it can have a dramatic impact. The aim is to perfect the look of the teeth by using bonding material; your dentist will use their skill and creativity to mould composite material to fill in small gaps, build up worn tooth surfaces and repair chipped teeth.

Veneers are a very popular treatment thanks to television makeover shows and celebrity smiles. Veneers are placed over the top of the natural teeth to create a perfect smile; patients are encouraged to choose the shade and shade of their veneers to achieve the perfect look for their wedding day.

If you would like a perfect wedding day smile, contact us today to arrange a consultation and we will ensure that you get the smile of your dreams!







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