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The toughest thing about a smile makeover, really, is pinning down precisely what it is. A smile makeover is essentially an umbrella term for a series of treatments which aim at providing the smile you desire. The procedure is essentially designed around your desired outcome and can incorporate as many or as few forms of treatment as are required to do this. This could range from fitting dental veneers to a full whack of whitening, cosmetic bonding and having your amalgam fillings replaced! The limits of a smile makeover are defined by your imagination (and the technical reaches of cosmetic dentistry).

The importance of a consultation

Given how tailored a smile makeover is to a patient’s desires, this can often be the most important part of the whole process. At Harley Street Dental Studio in London we will try and use our expertise to make your dream smile a reality and this is where we discuss how this will be possible.

Forms of treatment available

One form of popular treatment is the application of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin layers of ceramic material which are attached to the teeth and can cover up a variety of problems, ranging from: Stained teeth, damaged teeth or teeth with large gaps between them. They can even hide marginally crooked teeth in a process nicknamed ‘instant orthodontics’! Teeth whitening is also a popular choice of treatment; At Harley Street Dental Studio we offer both Zoom and home teeth whitening services. Home whitening is, as you might have guessed, a convenient home treatment. It consists of filling a set of specially produced dental trays with whitening solution and then wearing them over a period of several days. Zoom whitening is an in office treatment which can have your teeth up to ten shades whiter after one session!

Length of treatment

Depending on your choices of procedures, treatment length can range from one hour to one year and beyond. Talk to us and we’ll guide you through the details!




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