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Patients In London can Treat Missing Teeth With All-On-Four Dental Implants


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Losing a tooth can have a major impact on everything from your speech and bite to your self-esteem and appearance. In days of yore, removable dentures tended to be how one coped with tooth loss. Nowadays, we thankfully have other options. Dental implants are one of those newfangled options, and all on four dental implants are an incredible variation of that!

What are dental implants?

To put it bluntly: A dental implant is a titanium rod which permanently anchors a false tooth to your jaw.

So, what are ‘all on four’ dental implants?

All on four dental implants are an innovative system which allows for a whole new set of teeth to be supported by just four implants! All on four implants are sometimes referred to as ‘same day smiles’ on account of how speedy treatment with them can be.

How does this work?

Normally, 6 to 10 implants are required to hold an arch of teeth in place. Only four are required with the ‘all on four’ approach as a result of how they are angled: the 2 implants at the front of the jaw are fitted at the conventional 90 degree angle, but the 2 implants at the back are positioned at 45 degrees! An arch can then be attached and held in place by these four implants.

Advantages of all on four implants

Firstly, only four implants are required: This allows for a quicker and less invasive dental procedure. In fact, all on four implants can often be fitted in a single appointment! There also rarely any need for bone grafting and all on four implants tend to be cheaper on account of the speedier surgery and fewer implants!

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Patients In London can Treat Missing Teeth With All-On-Four Dental Implants

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