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Patients from London Learn what Options are Available for Front Tooth Gaps


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As the teeth develop from milk to adult teeth, gaps can develop between the front teeth, affecting the self-esteem of both adolescents and adults from London. However, front teeth gaps can be narrowed or closed with orthodontic or cosmetic dental treatments.

What treatments narrow or close the gap between front teeth?

There are five main treatments to narrow the gap between front teeth and these are:

  • Dental braces.
  • Mouth guards.
  • Teeth gap bands.
  • Veneers.
  • White composite fillings.

Dental Braces

Dental braces are not only an option for straightening teeth but also a good choice for closing the gap between front teeth, and there are various braces products now available other than metal braces. These invisible and clear braces options include:

  • Invisalign.
  • Clearstep.
  • Inman Aligner.
  • Lingual braces.
  • Damon braces.

These braces are invisible or highly discreet because they are tooth-coloured or clear. Others like the Lingual braces system can be placed behind the teeth so that they cannot be seen at all.

Veneers and White Composite Fillings

Veneers can be made out of porcelain to fit like shells over your front teeth to hide the gap between your teeth. Similarly, white composite can be formed to match teeth colour and shape to close the gap between the front teeth. Options like veneers can be an easy way to cover the gap and give you a natural looking smile in very little time.

All these treatment options are aimed at giving you a gap-free smile, which enhances your beauty and confidence. Gaps in teeth can not only affect appearance and self-esteem, but can have an effect on speech and eating. Talking with your dentist about the gap between your front teeth is a start to finding out more about what is available to treat your problem.

Patients from London Learn what Options are Available for Front Tooth Gaps

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