Patients from London Learn what a Gum Lift can do for Their Smiles


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Gum lifts not only improve the smile but dental, physical and mental health.

Gum lifts are a cosmetic dental technique that reshapes the gum line and tissue, and sometimes bone, to make teeth appear more symmetrical with longer contours. The gum lift procedure was originally used to treat the effects of gum disease, but is now used to treat gummy smiles and produce a more aesthetically pleasing look for people from London with excess gum tissue covering their teeth or with a high lip line.

What are the gum lift treatments?

Different treatments now exist to treat gummy smiles. These treatments include:

  • Laser gum reshaping, contouring and sculpting.
  • Gingivectomy using laser or radiosurgery.
  • Lip lowering surgery for the treatment of a high lip line.

These treatments are considered to be minimally invasive, but you may feel some mild discomfort for a few days after the procedure, as the treatment site heals. The treatment removes excess gum tissue and neatly sculpts the gums surrounding the teeth, to create normal contours for a beautiful natural smile.

Effects of not having gum lift treatment

People who have excess gum tissue growth covering their teeth or a low lip line may be aware of this and feel a lack of confidence or insecurity, which as a result can permeate their relationships with others. Those who have had gum disease and opt not to have gum restructuring may also be at risk of a re-occurrence of gum disease, which can be detrimental to both dental and overall health.

Benefits of gum lift treatment

Patients opting to have gum lift treatment can expect to have:

  • Neatly shaped gum contour lines.
  • Improved facial appearance and smile.
  • Greater confidence when smiling and engaging with others.
  • Better health overall, life opportunities and relationships.

Gum lift treatment may form part of treating broader orthodontic concerns or as a treatment for gum disease. In such cases the health benefits extend to not only preventing further gum disease, but also associated health diseases, such as heart disease.

Patients from London Learn what a Gum Lift can do for Their Smiles

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