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Different Implant Solutions Available to Patients from London


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Innovations in implant products and procedures means patients from London have more options in their quest for solutions for their missing teeth. There are three types of implants – root form, plate form and subperiosteal.

Root form, plate form and subperiosteal implants

Root form dental implants involve the insertion of replacement roots into the jawbone and gum line, and rely on osseointegration for bone grafts to merge with the jaw structure. Those who have had tooth roots removed due to infection or injury are good candidates for root form dental implants, as are those with narrow jaw lines.

When a person’s jawbone structure is not suitable for root form dental implants or bone grafts, plate form dental implants are used. A plate is inserted into the jawbone onto which dental implants are fixed. If the jawbone dimensions are not adequate for root form or plate form dental implants, then subperiosteal implants are inserted to rest above the jawbone and below the gum line.

Other types of implants

Mini implants are used to secure dentures, and immediate load implants can be inserted straight after a tooth extraction. Dental implants may also be temporary until permanent dental implants are ready for fixture. Nowadays, titanium posts are used as replacement tooth roots for root form dental implants. Once a patient has been examined and imaging has taken place, the dentist will advise on what type of dental implant is most suitable, based on the strength and dimensions of the jawbone.

All-on-4 and All-on-8 Dental Implants, and Smile Makeovers

Once root form, plate form or subperiosteal implants have been identified for your needs, the dentist will then discuss different types of dental implant products with you. In systems like All-on-4, 4 dental implants are used for a full arch of replacement teeth on the upper or lower jaw, and the All-on-8 provides even more stability using 8 implants with treatment in 10 days. The angle of insertion allows for enhanced stability. Implants are designed to give functionality, improve appearance and give patients a smile makeover that they can be proud of.


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