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2015 is here and many of us will have started the year with good intentions for a healthy and happy year ahead. We urge our patients, young and old, to take advantage of the New Year and make resolutions to promote good oral health and keep dental diseases firmly at bay in the months to come. Here are some simple promises you can make to ensure your oral health stays on track in 2015:

Maintain a good oral hygiene regime at home

Your oral hygiene regime is the cornerstone of good oral health and even spending just 5 minutes a day cleaning and flossing will make the world of difference. Try to ensure that you devote at least 2 minutes every morning and evening to brushing and floss on a daily basis; this will ensure that you can achieve a thorough clean to keep bacteria and plaque at bay. Avoid brushing hard, as this can damage the enamel and use fluoride toothpaste.

Have a dental check-up every 6 months

Most people don’t count down the days to their check-up with excitement and anticipation, but routine check-ups are really important and although you may dread them, they can make a really positive difference to your oral and general health. Check-ups last just a few minutes and our friendly dentists do everything they can to help you relax.

See your dentist if you experience dental troubles

It can be easy to ignore problems like bleeding gums and toothache and assume that they will just go away, but the reality is that dental issues tend to get worse the longer you leave them. If you have dental pain, you have sensitive teeth or you keep noticing bleeding when you brush your teeth, call and make an appointment. It’s always best to get potential issues checked out so that we can sort out treatment and save you from suffering any longer.

Keep an eye on the foods you eat

Many people think about their diet when the New Year approaches and this is the perfect time to have a think about how your diet may be impacting your oral health. Some foods, such as dairy products and vegetables, are really good for your teeth and gums, but others, such as acidic fruit juices and fizzy pop, sweets, biscuits and cakes, can be very harmful.





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