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Introducing Simpli5 Orthodontic Braces In Central London


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We’re delighted to introduce Simpli5 to our clients in Central London. If you’ve been searching for an invisible means of straightening out minor orthodontic issues, search no more!

About Simpli5

Simpli5 is a clear aligner system, which employs five specially designed removable appliances to straighten the teeth. Each Simpli5 aligner is bespoke and treatment is planned in advance, enabling the patient to see the projected outcome before they even start wearing braces.

Simpli5 aligners work in a set sequence and each aligner is slightly different; each appliance is worn for 2-4 weeks and by the time the last aligner is removed, the teeth will be beautifully straight.

What do Simpli5 aligners look like?

Simpli5 aligners are made entirely from clear parts and they are virtually invisible when they are in place. The aligner looks similar to a mouth guard, which is worn for sport and it sits over the teeth in a similar fashion. Simpli5 aligners are light and they are made from high quality plastic; they do not contain any metal components and they are much more discreet alternative to fixed braces.

How long does treatment take?

Each patient receives a set of 5 aligners and each one should be in place for between 2 and 4 weeks, giving a total treatment time of just 10-20 weeks.

Who is Simpli5 designed for?

Simpli5 is ideally suited to patients who have minor orthodontic issues and it offers a great option for patients who would prefer an invisible treatment to traditional orthodontics. Your Harley Street Dental Studio dentist will carry out tests to check whether Simpli5 is a viable option for you during your consultation. If you have more complex needs, which would benefit from a more intensive treatment, we will happily explore other options with you and talk you through the different appliances and processes.


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