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Stop Snoring In Its Tracks In Central London


How can we help?

If snoring is ruining your sleep patterns or disturbing the peace in your household, we are here to help.

About snoring

Snoring is a very common problem in the UK; most people snore occasionally but when snoring becomes a frequent problem, it can really take its toll. If you experience disturbed sleep patterns on a regular basis, you may find that you struggle to stay awake and alert during the day, work tasks become more difficult and you feel irritable and tired.

Snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissue at the back of the mouth and is commonly associated with illness, allergies and sleeping on your back. If you snore frequently, this may be a sign hat your body is struggling to get enough oxygen when you sleep; the main risk factors for snoring are being overweight, drinking alcohol excessively and smoking.

What can be done to stop snoring?

Often, lifestyle changes, such as giving up smoking, doing more exercise and losing weight, can help with snoring and sometimes, simply adjusting your sleeping position, can be really effective. However, in cases where minor changes don’t make a difference, there are other possibilities.

We offer two types of anti-snoring device, including mandibular repositioning devices and tongue retaining devices. Mandibular repositioning devices move the jaw forward slightly to open up the airway, while tongue retaining devices hold the tongue in place to ensure that the airway remains open when you sleep.

If you’re struggling with snoring, don’t suffer in silence; we are here to help! Call now to book a consultation.



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