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Feel Rejuvenated For The Year Ahead With Our Facial Treatment In London


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Facial treatment? At a dentist’s!? It isn’t anywhere near as strange as it may sound. The shape of one’s jaw, for instance, is linked to the presence of one’s teeth; lose your teeth and your face changes. Thus facial aesthetics and teeth are linked. The strict hygiene standards required of a dental practice are also optimum for cosmetic facial treatments. Plus, it can be very convenient; you can get your teeth and face seen to in the same place. Wondrous! Of the many brands and treatments we offer, one we particularly recommend is Restylane.


That’s the one! Restylane is a brand which produces a whole selection of injectable fillers. These fillers are often used to alter and enhance one’s lips, but Restylane also provide other products which can tackle both crow’s feet and wrinkles on your forehead.

What exactly can Restylane do?

It can plump up your skin and make you look more youthful without the requirement of invasive surgical procedures.

How does it work?

As we get older, the natural collagen layer in our skin gradually breaks down. What Restylane products do is they employ a natural element which can combat this thinning and breaking down of the collagen layer. It should be noted that Restylane products are not derived from, nor are they tested on, animals.

The Restylane procedure.

It is pretty quick: Treatment with Restylane takes, on average, between 10 and 30 minutes! Restylane is injected into your chosen area via an extremely thin needle. The needle is so thin that it is hardly noticeable, meaning a local anaesthetic rarely needs to be used. The results tend to be pretty immediate, but sometimes a follow up injection is recommended (just to be sure the results will last). The wonders of Restylane can stay noticeable for up to a year after treatment.

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Feel Rejuvenated For The Year Ahead With Our Facial Treatment In London

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