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Porcelain Dental Crowns To Protect Weakened Teeth In Central London


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A crown tends to symbolise a sovereign and a good sovereign protects their most vulnerable subjects. Of course, it has been a good few centuries since Kings and Queens have taken a hands-on approach to protecting the people of their countries. In a sense, a dental crown is like a royal leader from the days of yore: It is a porcelain cap which sits on and protects a damaged or vulnerable tooth; just a valiant warrior would defend a wounded infantry man. Mock Arthurian romances aside, porcelain dental crowns are an excellent way of restoring functionality and appearance to thoroughly worn down tooth.

When and why would I need such a valiant dental defender?

If your tooth is beyond the point of a filling being a viable form of repair, if it is fractured and cannot otherwise be restored, or if your tooth just needs a little spruce up, then a dental crown might just be the thing for you.

The advantages of a dental crown

Crowns are highly durable and, with a little care, can last for a whole decade. The look highly natural and will easily fit in with your surrounding teeth. Most importantly, they will also protect a damaged tooth whilst allowing it to function like a healthy one.

What is the procedure of having a crown fitted?

After a consultation, your tooth will be prepared. Firstly, your dentist will wash it and you will be put under local anaesthetic. Any decay present will be removed and your tooth will be shaved by a drill to help the crown fit it. A dental putty mould of your teeth will then be taken and this mould will be sent to a dental lab. The crown will be produced in this lab and you should have it within two or three weeks. You will most likely have a provisional crown fitted during the wait. Once the proper crown arrives, the temporary one will be removed and your tooth will be roughened so as to better accommodate the dental cement used. Your crown will then be fitted and, provided you are happy, it will then be locked into place!



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