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A Brand New Smile In As Little As Six months For Patients In The Heart Of London


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Ah, time. There never seems to be enough, does there? The lengthy treatment times associated with orthodontics can be one of the many reasons that people avoid braces treatment. Thankfully, with Six Month Smiles, you can cut past the three years which many must work through and get that smile in… well, six months!

What is this treatment then?

Let’s take a page out of Einstein’s book and think about time relatively, though in slightly different sense to the great man himself: Half a year can seem like a hefty chunk of time but, if we use the standard time of other orthodontic treatments as our barometer, six months suddenly seems quite swift. The treatment itself is also very discreet, it uses tooth coloured wiring which helps it blend in with your smile. The Six month smile is also cheaper than other standard treatments and is far more comfortable as your teeth are tenderly put into position!

How does this process operate?

Kids and teenagers tend to need braces in order to fix bite issues. Adults, in contrast, tend only to need brace treatment for aesthetic reasons. What this means is that adults, on the whole, only require slight alterations to their front teeth, a process which is far quicker to manage than the major modifications required to fix bite problems. The special nickel titanium wires used in the process also help to speed up treatment time significantly.

Could you outline the procedure for me?

First and foremost, your suitability for the treatment needs to be determined. This will involve an examination from your dentist, some photographs and some x-rays. If the treatment is deemed appropriate, you will then be fitted with special braces. Following this, you will be asked to attend quick check-up appointments every month, just to make sure things are progressing correctly. After six months, you should then have the smile you desire!

Want a new smile in six months?

If so, then talk to us at Harley Street Dental Studio in the city of London. We look forward to hearing from you!


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