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Many of you may have seen Dr Mark Hughes, from Harley Street Dental Studio, on the TV recently on the adverts for the new Sensodyne Repair and Protect toothpaste.

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth and this new product could put an end to pain and allow people to eat and drink whatever they want. Dr Mark Hughes has appeared on several television shows and has an excellent reputation, both nationally and globally.

What is sensitivity?

Sensitivity is very common. Most of us experience it to a certain degree at some point in our lives. For many, it may mean a slight twinge when you bite into an apple, take a sip of a very cold drink or eat an ice cream, but for others it can be a constant pain, which is heightened to unbearable levels when eating certain foods or drinking hot or cold drinks. Sensitivity is caused by exposed dentin; the dentin contains the pulp, which is the living tissue of the tooth; once the dentin has become exposed, the nerves in the pulp may also become exposed and this can cause pain. Dentin becomes exposed as a result of the enamel surfaces of the teeth becoming worn or damaged. Once the enamel is worn, there is very little that can be done to restore it and the tooth is then susceptible to damage and decay.

What is Sensodyne Repair and Protect?

Sensodyne have launched a new product, which claims to be the first toothpaste to repair sensitive teeth, rather than simply easing pain associated with sensitivity. The new toothpaste uses innovative NovaMin calcium phosphate technology to actively repair sensitive teeth. Sensitivity occurs when the dentin potion of the tooth becomes exposed as a result of wear or damage to the protective enamel surfaces of the teeth. Sensitivity can be really painful and it can have an effect on what you eat and drink. For many people with sensitive teeth, drinks with ice, hot drinks and ice creams are off the menu.

NovaMin builds a new protective layer over the exposed dentin, which prevents pain and helps to reduce sensitivity considerably. Sensodyne Repair and Protect is the first daily use, fluoride toothpaste with desensitising technology. And with a dentist like Dr Mark Hughes willing to put his neck on the line in regard to such a product, there can be little doubt that it has beneficial effects.

See that star from TV first hand…

If you want to see the celeb that is Dr Mark Hughes in the flesh then come down to Harley Street Dental Studio. Contact us today  on 020 7636 5981 and you can find out why he and the team at Harley Street are so highly thought of.




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