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Since first supping that extraordinarily tasting cup of coffee or tea when you were barely out of school, you might have found yourself drinking three, four or even six caffeine beverages a day. Even if the taste of that sweet mocha is perfect for the senses, it might not be for the health of your teeth. Drinking excessive caffeine products have a tendency to make the teeth turn from its natural look into a yellowish colour which many find undesirable.

It’s not just that strong cuppa which isn’t aiding this

Although caffeine beverages can have a drastic impact on the colour of our teeth, supping wine and smoking tobacco can as well; the latter of which is never recommended as having any health benefits whatsoever. Even if you have given up smoking after several years but find the years of nicotine are still there for all to see then there is a solution.

Help is at hand

Here at the Harley Street Dental Studio, our highly trained professional members of staff not only provide you with what they think is the best form of treatment for you and your dental health but also a sympathetic ear so you needn’t be embarrassed if you think your teeth could never benefit from teeth whitening products.

The variety on offer

The array of products which the Harley Street Dental Studio offer is extensive that aims to meet the variety of demands and conveniences which our customers require. One form of treatment in particular which is proving to be very popular is “Zoom!” as it offers excellent results in just forty five minutes. Or how about “Nite White”? Applied just before the patient goes to sleep, there is no need to spend any of your working day on this product as it helps you when you’re in deep REM.

In order to find out more…

If you’re seeking further information about the teeth whitening products offered here at the Harley Street Dental Studio, contact us today on 020 7636 5981 to see how our trained professionals can help you further.


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