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Dental Prices: Cheaper at Home than Abroad


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It may sound strange, but some people find it more cost effective to travel abroad for major and serious dental treatment. However, once you look at the price of some dental procedures, especially in the private sector, it may become more appealing to travel to places that are frequently used for cheap dentistry such as Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Thailand.

But is it really cost effective?

While the surgery itself is often cheaper and flights are often so cheap it just makes sense to go abroad for your treatment. But, what about the price of food? Or time off work? Many major dental procedures also require multiple visits, often spread across an extended period of time, meaning three, four or even five separate trips to and from the country. And what about aftercare? As well as this, many airlines will not let recent surgical patients travel within a certain number of days after their procedure. Meaning you can add accommodation to your list of addition costs.

Another significant factor that is helping to draw some travelling dental patients back to Britain is the simple, age old belief that you get what you pay for. British dentistry is of an excellent quality. And if you’ve found a dental practice abroad that is cheaper, even after adding travel expenses, time off work and accommodation, then can the quality of the practice be to the same standards as one found in Britain? It can be smart to try to save money on dental treatments, especially with major surgery that can be exceptionally expensive. But is it worth putting your oral health at risk?

British dental practices fighting back

Some private dental surgeries are now trying to lower their prices to keep interest in Britain and away from foreign dental practices. By fixing prices directly influenced by prices abroad, some private practices are making it much cheaper to stay in Britain when looking for dental work.

Dental quality in Britain

The quality of dental work in Britain is world class and many dental studios – regarded as some of the best in the world – can be found in Britain, but with this there does of course come a high price for treatment. After all, you get what you pay for.


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