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Home teeth whitening kits have come a long way since the days of Pearl Drops. No longer does whitening your teeth at home have to be a laborious, drawn-out affair with skimpy results. There are many brilliant home whitening kits on the market today that you can bag for under thirty pounds (the equivalent of a pound a tooth or a rather average night out).

There are even home whitening kits designed for soft-hearted, pain sensitive little souls like myself that contain no peroxide or enamel damaging chemicals. It really is a safe option!

Causes of tooth discolouration

The reason our teeth get discoloured over time is because they contain millions of tiny pores. Over time, stain causing food and drinks penetrate the pores causing discolouration and a yellow/grey/green appearance. Yuck!

Why choose home whitening

Unlike most regular toothpastes, teeth whitening products contain a special chemical to remove stains. This whitening process is achieved by a chemical reaction called oxidisation which blasts away the stains from the pores of the teeth. Chemicals like Ardox-X break down into oxygen and are found in many home teeth whitening kits.

Choosing a kit that’s right for you

Depending on your budget, the level of staining and sensitivity of your teeth, you might want to consider some of the following home teeth whitening kits.

Further information

For a wealth of teeth whitening products and information, look online or visit your local dentist.


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