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A survey conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation for National Smile Month has revealed that toothbrushes can be used for a range of different purposes. Many people throw away their toothbrush once the bristles have started to become worn; however, the survey has found that many people keep their brushes and use them for other jobs and tasks around the house.

More than one thousand people participated in the BDHF survey and the results showed that 4 in 5 people keep their brushes after they have stopped using them for cleaning their teeth. The most common use for the toothbrush (40 percent of participants) was for cleaning between the tiles and in small spaces in the bathroom; 28 percent also said that they used toothbrushes for cleaning out kitchen appliances.

The survey also showed that older people are more likely to keep hold of their brushes and adapt their use. The over 75’s were three times more likely to use their brushes for other purposes than young adults aged between 16 and 34.

Green living

Keeping hold of your toothbrush is not only beneficial for household cleaning – it also helps to contribute to the global effort to conserve the environment. Dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every three months and this means that a lot of toothbrushes are thrown away every day. If you can continue to use your brush for other tasks around the home, this is a positive step forward.


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