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Requiring a dental implant is not a joyful feeling, so requiring several (or even a whole new set) must lie somewhere on the far side of fun. Implants are an effective and practical response to the problems associated with dentures such as slippage, awkward speech and chewing problems. In a sense, once you get over the loss of your original teeth, implants are a bit of a godsend. The good, however, has just become great, as ‘all on four’ dental implants are now available.

Before we learn more on ‘All on 4’ treatment, what’s a dental implant?

Good question. A dental implant is a fake tooth which is anchored to your jaw via a metal rod. They are detachable, but will not slip whilst you are eating or talking.

What about all that ‘All on 4’ business?

All on 4 dental implants essentially allow a whole new set of teeth to be attached via just 4 implants! Conventional implants require 6 or even 10 to keep a set of teeth in place. With All on 4, only 4 are required!

What advantages does this bring?

Well, for one thing, it is less invasive. For another, it is much quicker.Fewer appointments are required and your new teeth are fitted during the same session as the implants, meaning you can get smiling, eating and talking with them pretty promptly. As a result of the speed of the treatment, ‘All on 4 implants’ are sometimes called ‘same day smiles’. It is also very rare for bone grafting to be required in this procedure!

So how does this all work?

Well we have Euclid and his geometry pals to thank for this, as it’s the angles that do the work. The two implants at the front of the mouth are positioned at 90 degrees, as it is with standard implants, but, crucially, the back two implants are situated at 45 degree angles! This placement provides ample support and anchorage with the need for any other implants.

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