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Perhaps the problem with the modern era is that we are spoilt for choice. Social media and cheap recording equipment, for instance, mean that every man and his dog can put an album up online. The problem, of course, is that every man and his dog can put an album up online – you become swamped in so much information that you find nothing. This is why we need other people to sort through this stuff. There are a variety of advanced braces available and, much like a music critic would with the aforementioned albums, we are going to guide you through just a few of the wonderful orthodontic treatments available.

Lingual braces

Fixed braces are still the most versatile and effective form of brace, but they are also thought to be the least desirable. If you have a negative image of braces, you are probably thinking of the wire and elastic of the fixed brace. How could you possibly hide such a brace? Easy; Put it inside the mouth. The Lingual brace provides all the advantages of conventional brace treatment; it is just that it is hidden. It being fixed also eliminates the human error that can delay treatment with removable aligners (i.e. forgetting to put them back in).


Treatment with Invisalign consists of several clear, plastic aligners which gradually shift your teeth to your desired location. They are not suitable for all orthodontic problems, but they are effectively invisible. They are also removable which, despite the potential to forget putting them back in, will make eating food and cleaning your teeth much easier.

The Inman aligner

Although fairly well camouflaged, this is probably the most visible of the orthodontic systems we have been discussing. Why would you want it? Because it is quick. Treatment with Invisalign or Lingual braces can, like standard orthodontic treatment, may take up to 3 years to complete. The Inman aligner, in stark contrast, can have your teeth straightened in between 6 weeks and 6 months. It is affordable and removable, but it is also best suited to readjusting your front teeth and it therefore the most specialised of the treatments being discussed.



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