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Teenage Orthodontics For Younger Patients In London


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Nostalgia has a wonderful way of taking the edge off things, sometimes mercifully. This can, however, be dangerous. Teenage years are hellish affairs which are idolised by the forgetful, the dishonest or the boring; to idolise adolescence reflects poorly on your current predicament. Generally in our everyday stressful lives it is easy to forget, considering the general low that these years are, how terrifying the prospect of braces can be for a teen. Thankfully, advancements in dentistry mean that orthodontics won’t leave you looking like Ugly Betty (or sounding as irrelevant as that pop culture reference).

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen, the invisible braces for teens, constitutes a series of clear plastic aligners. They are comfortable, can’t be seen and are removable, which means they won’t interfere with sports or playing a musical instrument.

Advantages of Invisalign Teen

Aside from the obvious points outlined above, Invisalign Teen also avoids several of the practical complaints attribute to traditional wire & elastic braces. Invisalign Teen braces are removable, which means you can take them out when eating and cleaning your teeth and subsequently bypassing the difficulties fixed braces can cause for your oral hygiene. They are also less likely to cause gum inflammation or irritation than fixed braces.

How do they work?

Invisalign treatment consists of a succession of see-through aligners which gradual move your teeth into place. Every fortnight or so, after your teeth have shifted a bit, you move onto the next one. There is even a blue dot on them which provides an estimation of your wear time and will fade to clear when you need to move on to the next aligner! Treatment takes about a year to complete depending on each patient. Invisalign isn’t suitable for everyone, but this variant is optimised for teenagers and we will determine if you are suitable during your initial consultation.

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