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All About Tooth Wear Rehab


How can we help?

Even the strongest teeth can succumb to daily wear and tear and unexpected injuries. If you have chips, worn surfaces or broken teeth or would simply like advice to help prevent injuries and tooth wear, our tooth wear rehab clinic is the ideal port of call.

Prevention is always better than cure and our expert dentists can offer advice and guidance to help you avoid damaging your teeth. We often see patients with signs of damage caused by grinding the teeth, acid erosion or general wear and we can help to tackle these problems and provide information about cosmetic services that may be of interest.

Once the teeth become worn, there is a greater risk of sensitivity, long-term enamel wear and further injury and our rehab clinic can help to strengthen your teeth and reduce the risk of further damage. Our aim is to create a strong and healthy looking smile that enables you to use your teeth to their full potential, as well as ensuring you feel confident when you smile.

Protecting your teeth

Sometimes it’s impossible to prevent tooth wear, but there are some simple steps you can take to try and protect your teeth, including:

  • cutting down on acidic foods and drinks
  • using a straw when you drink
  • seeing your dentist if you grind your teeth – we can provide you with a custom-made dental splint or bite guard to prevent bruxism
  • wearing a protective mouth guard when playing sport
  • brushing your teeth gently
  • waiting an hour after eating before you brush

If you have existing signs of damage, there are lots of different treatments that can help to restore your smile to its former glory and we be will happy to go through some options, such as tooth contouring, aesthetic bonding and veneers, with you. Simply call us today and book a consultation.

All About Tooth Wear Rehab

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